Professional Development and Career

To be honest, all this while I pretty much have only been coasting, and going with the flow when it comes to my career pathway. I have decided that starting from today, I am going to get 100% serious with my professional development and career goals. Learn as much as I can, get certified, and get fairly compensated for my expertise.

I will also no longer wait or rely for companies to sponsor certifications and learning anymore. A lot of these are super expensive though, so this will probably need to be spread out across several years. And I probably won't even take them all, things like CCNA, PSM II, and Red Hat might not be too useful where I'm going. But if the opportunity presents itself, I believe it's worth aiming for.

Years after my first ever full-time role in 2019, I've finally decided and identified a solid path for my career. I'll be transitioning away from my full stack development roots, and move infrastructure engineering, DevSecOps, and ultimately architectural/strategic roles.

Four principal categories, and their certifications:

  • Cloud Engineering & Architecture

    • Solutions Architect Associate
    • Solutions Architect Professional
    • Advanced Networking Specialty
    • AWS APN Ambassador | Datacom
  • DevSecOps, SRE

    • Kubernetes

      • KCNA
      • CKA
    • Terraform Associate 002
    • CCNA
    • CCSP
    • Red Hat

      • RHCSA
      • RHCE
  • Enterprise Architecture

    • TOGAF 9
    • TOGAF EA
    • ArchiMate
    • ITIL4
  • Leadership & Team

    • Agile & Scrum

      • PSM I ✅ (thanks Maybank!)
      • PSM II
    • MBA (probably the last thing I'll ever do after all of the above)